Sulfur-based Fine Chemicals

The KISCO group develops and manufactures materials, intermediates and final products for a wide range of food, cosmetics, oral care, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, JMC, specialises in the large-scale production of sulfur-based materials and supplies some of the world’s largest quality-oriented multinational food and medicine producers. A selection of generally available materials and links to the product specification sheets are listed below.

ProductStructural FormulaUse
mixed ortho/para toluenesulfonamide
CAS # 1333-07-9
– Raw material for fluorescent pigments and  nail polish resins
– Raw material for plasticizers and resins
para toluenesulfonamide
CAS # 70-55-3
– Raw material for resins
– Intermediate for dye stuffs
– Raw material for disinfectants
para toluenesulfonyl chloride
CAS # 98-59-9
– Raw material for blowing agents
– Intermediate for pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals
ortho toluenesulfonamide
CAS # 88-19-7
– Raw material for Saccharin